Creating Stunning Events for Nicklaus Children’s

Yasameen Kharazmi is a prime example of the mobility and opportunity working at Nicklaus Children’s provides. Should you not necessarily want a medical focus in your career, we still give you limitless access to every part of our facilities to find a position where you really thrive.
Nine years ago, Yasameen started as a registrar in the central scheduling department. She floated between various units in the patient access department—emergency room, authorization, you name it—she learned from it. She was even able to stretch her investigation muscles as a coordinator in the research department until she settled down as the Physician Liaison in October 2017. As the title suggests, Yasameen functions as the link between the physicians and Nicklaus Children’s to any outside entities.

I visit a lot of the community physicians, primarily pediatricians, and I promote the hospital’s services, she explained.


I facilitate physician needs; if they have any questions or concerns, they call me. I also assist with coordinating the events that target physicians. My main focus went from one-on-one patient care and research to dealing with the physician aspect of it and making sure that our community is aware of what we can bring them. We want to make sure the doctors have the right tools they need to work with their patients.

Planning eye-catching events is a major way to increase the hospital’s visibility to the rest of the community. Yasameen revels in the planning process. For events such as continued medical education seminars, she’s selected which physicians should speak, what venue is best, and how to market the event effectively. Just last year Yasameen and her team hosted two live video conferences:

It was really cool and had a great turnout, so we hope to do more. Those conferences did target community physicians, and they were live webinars. We allowed our Nicklaus physicians to engage with external physicians and discuss unique topics like endocrinology and how to appropriately treat patients with growth hormone deficiencies. We want to give them tools and create a partnership and help the community as a whole. 

It's not just seminars and conferences that she coordinates; it can include unique initiatives as well, such as the EKG screening program.

We actually identified certain offices and performed EKGs in the pediatricians’ offices for their patients. It was great because I have an EKG certification and I was able to coordinate and work the event, so I got the patient interaction that I missed.

Yasameen herself was a patient at Nicklaus Children’s when she was very young, so the patient interaction is still a critical part of life to her. Our staff worked to help her with her diabetes when she was in and out of the hospital, and that bond hasn’t faded with time in the least.

Many of the doctors and nutritionists who treated me still work here and remember me. I feel like I’m giving back what I got, being able to help the kids and families. I have a passion to really help the pediatric population. They have health issues and they have no control over it; they’re so innocent, and I love to help them. It’s a hospital that has let me grow tremendously and I can’t picture myself working anywhere else.

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