Innovation at Every Corner

Here, we collaborate far beyond the scope of the average health care system to cultivate the most innovative thinkers. Information Week has named us among the top technology innovators in the U.S., because they’ve seen that changing and growing is just part of Nicklaus Children’s DNA.
So how can we make sure we’re on the cutting edge? Simply put, there’s nothing we don’t do! Angie Barba, Director of Operations of Neuroscience said,

“They have a lot of courses, sessions, and conferences that I take advantage of. The ability to work with a lot of different leaders in a lot of different areas has really helped my personal growth. I started out as a leader at the age of 23. I’ve learned a lot since then, and now I can help teach other people as well."

Additionally, we’re proud of being known for our technological tenacity. Not only does it mean we’re able to help the children of Florida in new and brilliant ways, but it means we’re able to attract new and brilliant employees to our teams. Another employee, Dwight Witter, Clinical Systems Analyst III said,

“From my research, Nicklaus Children’s was the one that came out ahead. From the technology and the product they had in-house, to the technology of what they were going to transfer to during my orientation, I knew that I wanted to be part of that team because it was constantly growing.” 


Elizabeth Barth-Thacker, Director of IT Strategy and Logistics, was similarly drawn to our incredible innovation. Working within that “gray area” is what keeps Elizabeth excited to come to work.

Bearcare and telemedicine is really interesting, because it’s the future. When technology fits the need, that’s really cool. The new things—the things that aren’t black and white—is what interests me. I love seeing how we can make something more efficient and better quality, and that’s why I’m a strategist. I want to see what’s next. I want to see how we’re going to expand and grow and how we’re going to transform the consumer experience. I get excited by that new frontier.

We even encourage innovative thinking from our newest frontier explorers; that is to say, our new employees who are going through our onboarding process. Part of Maggie Alfaro’s job as the Organizational Cultural Trainer is to introduce our values to these new hires, but her influence doesn’t stop there.

Ninety days from their orientation date, they all go through a personal management program that we introduce to new hires as they complete their onboarding. It builds up their knowledge of what their personal behavior styles are. We talk about their energies, their moods, and how that affects their day-to-day lives and how effective it can be when you’re working with patients and families. We have records that show how this program improves their impact with their roles at the hospital.

Innovation from the get-go is just the way of life within Nicklaus Children’s Health System. Do you have the drive to roll up your sleeves and find new solutions? You may be just the candidate we’re looking for!