Quality In Everything We Do

In Nicklaus Children’s Health System, we recognize and take extreme pride in the quality of care, technology, and staff who enter through our doors. When we say we want quality in every aspect of patient care, we mean it. We want our patients to feel that empathetic care from the physician by the front desk to the accountant in the background. We believe that having high-quality people working on all of our teams creates a joy that spreads to everyone they encounter.
Take Angie Barba, for instance. As the Director of Operations of Neuroscience, there is a limited amount of time that takes place in front of our patients. But the quality she puts into her work is still felt by the patient; it’s just on a different plane.

“I deal with any process that can potentially impact the patient. I am constantly asking, ‘Are we making this easy for them?’ Most of the work I do is behind the scenes, and many times they won’t even know we’re involved in that process, but they’ll feel it by way of doing business with us. We’re not asking them to fill out 20 forms, we’re asking them to do one they can do from the comfort of their homes."

All it takes is just that one extra step. Simplifying paperwork is a great way to take care of a patient and our internal team in one fell swoop.
Catherine Del Toro, Patient Access Supervisor, constantly spots our values in our Miami Lakes outpatient center.

“It’s something we see here regularly,” Catherine shared, “our team members going above and beyond.”

We have a lot of patients that come in and out, but our staff always goes out to the waiting area and interacts with the kids and their families. They’ll ask if they’re comfortable, if they need a glass of water or the Wifi password, and they’re readily available for the patients to ask any questions they may have. Our staff does a great job of keeping the family’s comfort level at a maximum high.

After all, we are here to help children and their families at very stressful times. The knowledge that our facility is probably far from where the families want to be on your average Monday afternoon is always on our minds. It certainly is in the case of Brian Patrick Guro, Program Operations Leader.

My office is located in a newer part of the Nicklaus Children’s campus. It’s also the floor where our oncology patients receive care. As I’m walking around, talking with people, the children that have been diagnosed with a life-altering disease that affects both them and their families are right there. Seeing what they’re going through . . . it humbles me. It makes me want to provide the best care and the best support systems for them in what can be the worst period of their lives. They motivate me to keep going.

Difficult situations can arise during our work day, but as Brian points out,

“The problems I face are nothing compared to what those families go through.”

It’s why we will continue to put quality in everything we do, no matter what. Working at Nicklaus Children’s inherently means that you’re willing to go that extra mile for a patient, and we appreciate our teams for that. If you’re up to the challenge, we’d love to speak with you about our open positions.