Telemedicine at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

When you walk through the doors of our children’s center in Miami, you see the normal aspects of patient care: nurses talking with children, families filling out paperwork, toys laid out for those in the waiting room.
Suddenly, you stop. You do a double-take. Did you somehow walk into an Apple store in the middle of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital?
Of course, not—you’ve just stumbled upon our high-tech telemedicine center! Elizabeth Barth-Thacker (our Director of IT Strategy and Logistics, previously profiled here) was astounded the first time she saw in action, but it’s that spark of innovation that keeps the spirit of Nicklaus Children’s mission going strong.

“It looks like the future,” she said.

But it’s in use for the people of today! Our telemedicine unit has the capability to help not only those physically in the hospital, but in the surrounding areas as well:

We are in schools within Miami-Dade, where we work with kids who are sick and don’t have nurses or specific healthcare workers within their schools, so we help them through telemedicine. We have a unique partnership that isn’t just a clinician speaking to you remotely, we actually have devices that check vital signs and different pieces of the puzzle for us to make sure we’re getting all the information we need at the time we need it. Its real time data being shared at the point of care. We can see what your throat looks like or what your ear looks like in real time, so doctors are able to enhance their care through telemedicine.

That kind of relationship is very unique to the health care market at the moment, and Nicklaus Children’s is beyond proud of the groundbreaking care we’ve been able to offer our patients.

“The people we help don’t have to go to an Urgent Care,” Elizabeth pointed out. “They can use this technology from their house and receive the care they need.”

Innovation. It’s what makes our facilities—and our leaders—eager to come into work and put their mark on the world. “Telemedicine and the innovation here are what drew me to apply to Nicklaus Children’s hospital in the first place,” remarked Elizabeth.

I’ve always gone where it’s gray, either it’s a new or expanding idea, and there’s room to develop it and make a difference. We have the same goal across all Nicklaus Children’s entities. Even when you have a difference of opinion—and in business, that will always come up—we can always meet back at the kids. Everything that I do and the person next to me does, we do in order to support the kids that need help. I can say it’s exciting and fulfilling to work here.

What will draw you to Nicklaus Children’s? Is it our amazing technology? Is it our extensive reach across our communities? Don’t wait—apply today!