Holding Ourselves Accountable

All across Nicklaus Children’s Health System, we believe in instilling a sense of personal responsibility with our employees. We pride ourselves in the integrity, transparency, and effort our people exemplify every day. As many of our employees show, we’re not about finding the easiest way: we’re about finding the right way, for the right reasons. To do that, we have systems and values already put into place in our culture.

Antonella Santiago, Operations Coordinator, has a position that requires her to become one of our many “champions.”

“There is a champion in every Nicklaus Children’s department.We have monthly meetings where we exchange information, and we take that knowledge and give it back to our staff so they’re up-to-date with changes or reminders. For example, Nicklaus Children’s is going green, so I’m the champion for Midtown and make sure we’re doing our part and working with what the facility can do. We want to be as green as possible, so we recycle, use biodegradable plateware, you name it!" 

Initiatives like “going green” are the right way forward for our team and our community, so we make an effort to include those initiatives in our every-day life. But for members of our system who have the privilege of working with our patients, it’s a much more hands-on effort they do to make sure we’re on the right path.
Grecia Ferreyra, Lactation Specialist, works to make sure the families of her patients fully understand the health care they need to provide for their child. It differs for the patient and the family on an individual basis, so it’s Grecia’s mission to analyze and customize the plan accordingly.

"I assess the mothers and collaborate with my teams to support patients and families in regard to their breastfeeding practices and help them with that experience. We also do initiatives and a lot of nursing education for our team as well. All of us uphold the quality standards of being a magnet hospital, and we provide a culture of safety within the units, so our babies and their families feel comfortable."

But at the end of the day, we know that if you work with a Nicklaus Children’s facility, you’re already exemplifying the most important part of health care: holding yourselves accountable for the job you’re providing.

Everyone is very mission-driven here. In the administration realm, your sense of gratification is much further out. When you’re able to go back and visit patients, it reinforces why you do things and gives you a different perspective on why we do what we do. There are dozens of times in clinical care where you can see that you made a difference in a family’s life because they were in great need or great fear (or both) and taking a little bit of time and interaction for them makes a world of difference.

At Nicklaus Children’s, we want our employees to feel the difference they’re making in our patients’ lives. It’s from that connection that our employees continue to not just do the job, but to do it right.