The Development of Karla Alvarado

Imagine you’re sitting behind a desk, worrying about the lack of challenges in your job. You would be feeling very similar to how Karla Alvarado felt in her job at a university in southern Florida. After graduating with a Master’s degree, Karla started looking elsewhere. “There wasn’t any room to grow there,” she admitted.
Under the recommendation of her sister-in-law, she made the switch to healthcare. Karla started her career at Nicklaus Children’s in the training and development arena. Her job was to facilitate events like new hire orientations and staff development courses.
Thirteen years later, she herself has developed substantially in her career. She has worn “many hats” in her time with us, and she credits being able to move up the ladder to the supportive members of her team that she worked beside.

I have to say that one of the best things that this organization offers are the leaders. I have had great leaders who really taught me things, and they really took me under their wing to help me grow. This is an organization where there’s a lot of opportunity, so they want you to learn. I was able to get my feet wet in a lot of program initiatives and outside training that helped further develop me here.

Today, Karla is a Senior Organizational Developmental Consultant. Using her years of organizing and career planning experience, Karla works to help the leaders of Nicklaus Children’s be the very best they can be.

I work alongside managers, directors, and some VPs on certain development initiatives. I’m currently working on goal-setting sessions with my leaders. I’m also working on leadership onboarding, so I onboard the new leaders coming in. I do customized leadership training like emotional intelligence, coaching, and change acceleration for the leaders themselves.

However, it could be argued that training managers wasn’t so different than hiring completely new staff. No matter what role you fill, there are certain qualities that are exhibited in every Nicklaus Children’s employee.

Overall, the message is about the children and the families and providing them the best patient care experience that they can receive. Some things are not positive all the time, but it’s really about the experience. They may not receive good news, but we’ll be there for them. We want them to come out of the hospital knowing that we supported them, we were there for them.

And thankfully we have employees like Karla who are there to help guide your way. Should you be a new hire in the near future (and we do encourage you to visit our open positions page), Karla advises you to keep an open mind about what you’re going to experience.

When you’re joining healthcare, you need to understand that there are ambiguous waters here. Your mentality needs to be open to meet just about any challenge that comes your way. Nothing is going to be a straight arrow or black and white. As a new hire, you need to come in with an open and flexible mentality to navigate these waters. 

We at Nicklaus Children’s make sure we give you the tools you need to keep you afloat. It really cannot be overstated how much we care for our employees as the individuals they are. If you choose to make a change in your occupation, we’ll be there for you like you were there for our patients.
“I love my job,” Karla remarked.

All I wanted was to motivate, engage, and support people, and that’s what I do every day. I am not bored whatsoever. I want to grow and develop to help people more, but the hierarchy of a title isn’t important to me. I like what I’m able to do every day.

What about you? Are you interested in what you can do with Nicklaus Children’s? Visit our open positions today and start your own career development.