Learning More

“Before Nicklaus Children’s,” Stephanie shared during a conversation last Wednesday, “I had no health care experience.”

That isn’t to say Stephanie was a fresh face in the professional world; no, Stephanie had accumulated great experience in her previous position with Miami-Dade’s Parks and Recreation department. But her educational background was in recreational therapy, and there were other educational opportunities that were beginning to appeal to her.

“I wanted to pursue another opportunity and obtain a master’s degree, so I applied for positions around the hospital in rehab settings to get that extra experience. I’m happy to say I’ve been here for three years now as the Rehab Office Coordinator.”

Every day, Stephanie comes into work and collaborates with her other teammates in the star Miami Lakes outpatient center. The location is away from the constant hustle and bustle in the Miami Main hospital, so Stephanie and her team have the opportunity to expand what they call the “back end of things.”

“I deal with paperwork and sending out the plans of care to physician offices, ordering supplies, helping the therapists with their needs, doing reconciliations, and handling schedule changes. Anything I can do to speed up the process and help our physicians is my goal.”

As a coordinator, Stephanie works alongside our physicians every single day. It’s imperative that each team works together collaboratively, and it’s up to Stephanie to work with whatever health care team is best for our patients:

“We have a great connection between our physicians and the coordinators. We work with physicians inside the hospital, of course, but we also work with outside physicians as well. They refer their patients to us for therapy, so we have to communicate about the patient’s therapy needs with them.”

All that is accomplished, as Stephanie says, through a “lot of teamwork, multitasking, and patience.” But with a team as cohesive and bonded as the ones within Nicklaus Children’s facilities, there’s always someone around to help solve the problem.

“We have something called the Huddle Board,” Stephanie said. “We get together every morning and come up with ideas to improve anything we see within the hospital.”

But the camaraderie goes further than that. As soon as her team comes up during the conversation, Stephanie can’t help but shout them out:

“It’s amazing. We’re like a big family. We’re very close-knit. We’ve been known to host game days, where we play things like Minute to Win It, and we have celebrations together. We even hang out outside of work. We’re a really good team.”

With her eagerness to learn and her amazing ability to blend with a team, there was no other place for Stephanie than a Nicklaus Children’s environment. Take her advice: there are many things that can cause apprehension during a job search, but the culture of our company isn’t one of them.

“Take the leap. My advice is to try it out, see if you like it. It doesn’t matter about your background; it matters about whether you’re open to growing. And really, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you want to join Nicklaus Children’s.”

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